Here is the door called The Sail Fin
It is solid Genuine Mahogany
with bookmatched highly-figured Striated Fir panels
It is 40" x 85" x 1-3/4"

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Here is he completed door

Here is the original drawing of the proposed door

Here is a close-up if the upper half

...... another view of the completed door




Here is a view of the foiled stained glass window ,,,,,, from the outside

Here is a view of the stained glass from the inside

Here is a close-up of the molding used to "frame' the stained glass

Here is a view of the Striated Fir panels



... each panel is a bookmatched panel

here is a close-up of one of the Fir panels

Here is the stained glass .... backlit

tricky corners !!

Here is the History of how this door was made

This is the actual drawing that was used for the design for the stained glass panel

Click Here to view the making of the Stained Glass Window
Fagerskog Glass

Here ...... the camera captures the beautiful irredized reflections of the glass ...... very much like the scales of fish

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Notice the tight growth rings of this beautiful Mahogany

I sharpen my planing and joining tools before machining

The sharpen knives

All of the wood starts as rough lumber

... and I join and plain each piece

after planing I joint one edge for straightness

then each piece is ripped to width....

....... and cut to length

here is a "practice" piece to verify the angles

..... before I layout and machine the actual Mahogany

here I have "dry clamped" the actual pieces to check my fit

... the entire door is hand fitted then dry clamped before we glue up the door

Here is the door being clamped up .... both in width and height

This temporary block is used to clamp from top to bottom

Here the door will cure for 4 days

......... nice fit !!

Here is the door out of clamps

a close up of the opening for the stained glass

Here is the template for the stained glass opening

Since this door is going to Southern California I am climatizing the book matched Striated Fir panels for the dryer climate

Click Here to view the making of the Stained Glass Window
Fagerskog Glass

Here are the panel blanks ready for the bookmatched Striated Fir

..... and hand sanding starts on all of the molded edges

.......... and then machine sanding

Here are the bookmatched Striated Fir Panels being glued up .... they will be beautiful

The panels are first cut to size

....... the rebated and beveled on the faces

....... once through the surface sander

.. and then hand finished and sanded

... then set into the door for a final fit ...... notice the expansion space left for each panel to be allowed to move

..... and here is the first coat of my varnish oil on the bookmatched Striated Fir.... it is so beautiful

... each coat of oil will cure for 3 days before we apply the next coat

....... it just doesn't take to "much" time if I'm going to do it right !!

Here the door is cut to the exact length ..... with precision and attention to detail

here .... the panels get the 5th coat of varnish oil

Here I am gluing up the jambs

...... and here are the finished Mahogany jambs

Then we finish sand the jambs

........ and mortise for hinges

here is one of the ball-bearing hinges ..... fitting perfectly

here are the jambs and stained glass molding after 4 coats of varnish oil

Here I am mortising the door for the hinges

Here is a fitted hinge and my "signature"

....... then I back bevel the handle side 2 degrees

The final hand sanding of all the molded edges

...... and the final machining before oiling

..... and here it is ....... the SailFin door with 4 coats of oil-varnish

the door cures 3-4 days between each coat of oil ....... that is one of the secrets!

.. here we start pre-hanging the door

Here is the door ...... hung in its' jamb ..... which we will take apart for shipping ..... fits nice !!

Here is an end view of the door, jamb, and weatherstripping. The jamb is provided long ....... to be cut on site.

Here is a close-up of the actual Mahogany jamb, with weatherstripping

and the bookmatched Striated Fir panels are put in their place

The panels "float" behind the stops and are suspended with special floating neoprene

Here is the raised molding .......

.......... that will hold in the Sail Fish stained glass

The floating panel is caulked in with a siliconized latex caulk ...... that turns clear upon curing and is guaranteed for 50 years

JJ did an amazing job of dealing with this complex corner
The excess caulk is removed and the surfaced is cleaned with a damp rag
The fitted stops are attached with Stainless Steel fasteners ........ no more "brown spots"
Here I am boring for the Emtek handle set

..... this way ...... we can oil the holes ...... the right way !!
The outside of the handset
....... and the inside
We then wrap the door in plastic and pack it in the shipping crate padded with foam

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We then add the pieces of the jamb
....... and seal our baby up
It was a rainy day, so I kept it covered while I drive down to the Highway to meet the "big truck" to take The SailFin on its' journey