Here is the stain glass window that will be in the
door project known as the
The Sailfin

Here is the glass artist Joanne Fagerskog with the completed Sailfish

we used irridized glass to mimic the irredence of fish scales

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Here is how this beautiful stained glass Sailfish was created

first the class is sellected

the drawn image is transferes to card stock to adhere to the glass

each piece is cut out

the placed on the select section of glass

each color section is cut out

then each piece of glass is cut, c;ose to the card stock outline

the white clouds in the sky

here is the irredized fin sections

the ocean pieces

then each piece is ground to its exact shape on a warter cooled diamond gringing stone ......

piece by piece ..... this process is much more exacting then leaded glass

then each piece is wrapped in copper foil and set in its' place

after all the pieces are wrapped and placed ...... they are soldered to each other ...... and on both sides

....lastly the leaded perimeter frame is cut and solderd

...... and the joints are glazed with a sealer ....... and it is ready to install

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