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Why did he call it ...... The Arcadia??
Once upon a time ......... there was a young lad who grew up in suburban Los Angeles. Unlike most "little" towns in Southern California .... the community of Arcadia has a "jungle" smack dab in the middle of this thriving bedroom community of 40,000 folks.

This "jungle" was the home of a Gentleman Developer and Gambler of the early 1900's. His name was Lucky Baldwin and among his many ventures he built Santa Anita Race track which is also in Arcadia. .......... well ........ when Lucky married is 4th wife, all of 16 years of age, he built her a beautiful Victorian home next to a large pond and imported vegetation from all over the world. The place looks like a jungle and in fact ....... it is! This jungle is where all of the Tarzan movies were filmed. It was later purchased by L.A. County for a mere $300,000 and became the Los Angeles Arboretum.

.. sooooooo ......... when I was a young lad we dug a secret tunnel under the chain linked fence and declared that this vast wilderness was "our" domain to wander, play cowboys, explorers, solders, and allow this fantasy world to capture our imagination. Of course we were always avoiding our "enemies"
(park rangers) and I am proud to say I was only captured once ....... held for questioning (tortured) ........ and released ....... without mom and dad finding out that their "soldier" son had violated the forbidden zone.

............. looking through the beautiful glass in this door reminded me of my youth and the "jungle" next door. I hope it opens your imagination and invites you to explore the warm memories of your heart and mind.

Thanks for reading this....... and now you know !!


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