..........Here is a New contemporary Bungalow Door..........
it is constructed of Old Growth Redwood
The panels are quilted Old Growth Redwood
It is 36" x 80" x 1-3/4"
The stained glass is copper foiled

Please Note: ALL of our Redwood has come from downed logs and salvaged downed trees

Here is The New Craftsman
on its' new home

The front of the beautiful home

A view from the inside

another view ... with friends



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Here is a view of the curly Redwood panels

"Bird's-eye" Redwood center !

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This Beautiful Stained glass window was a collaboration with
Fagerskog Glass

Here is the door frame in clamps

It cures for 3-4 days

Here the dentil shelf is set in place and attached with stainless screws

The top glass stop is steam bent and hand fitted

The panels and frame are oiled separately for the maximum amount of protection
All of my panels "float" within the door frame so that they can expand and contract

Each stop is had fitted and attached with stainless steel fasteners

Here the door is being mortised for 4" solid brass hinges

The door ...... "signed" !~!

The Redwood jamb has been oiled 4 times and fitted with weather-stripping

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The door is pre-hung in the Redwood jamb and then the jamb is disassembled for shipping

The glass has be sandwiched with bubble wrap and then the door is wrapped in plastic for moisture protection

styrofoam blocks to protect the dentil shelf

The door is set in its shipping crate ~ floating in underlayment foam and styrofoam

The jamb pieces are added

And the crate is screwed together and will be stood up on edge ....... labeled ..... and sent to its' new home.

Here is the case labeled and ready to ship

Since I live on the edge of a redwood forest, I have to trailer the door down to Hwy 1 to meet the freight truck

Please Note: ALL of our Redwood has come from downed logs and salvaged downed trees

My "old growth Redwood timber" was cut from virgin forest in the 1800's, which was the booming era for logging, in the Redwood region of coastal Northern California.
The "butt" logs were left on the forest floor, for over 160 years, because they were unable to split them for railroad ties or fencing. Using small one man saw mills which are environmentally sound, the sawyers saw these stately old-growth logs. The quality, grain density, beauty, and distinctive character of this antique wood cannot be equaled with any of today's forested Redwood lumber.

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