The Celtic Cross guilding is the skilled crafting of Rick and Megan Sacks.
They own
The Sign Shop in Mendocino
The gold leaf has two different finishes.
They used high sheen for the sun ray's
and a matte finish for the "sun"
After wiping down the oiled panels, we dusted the sections to be gilded with a fine white powder to prevent the gold from sticking there.

Next we applied the first part of the gold size in the routed rays.

Three hours later we painted on the second part of the gold size activator.

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Shortly after that we were able to lay the leaf and press it into the size.
Megan applies more gold leaf
Then comes the preliminary polishing.

Next step is the French Oil Size. This was brushed into the circles and left a couple days to set before laying leaf there. The oil size provides a more matte finish that the previous method because we wanted two very different effects showing

The finished product !!
After the gold is on we polished it and vacuumed the remaining debris. The wood grain was so stunning.

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