This is an attempt to show
How To Assemble Our Jambs.
Whether it is a door jamb or jamb system
This is a full jamb system laid out ready for assembly

NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT affix the Sidelights into their jambs by
screwing the sidelights to the jambs.
SET the Sidelights into the jambs and affix them by setting the stops
into the jambs, thus hold the sidelights into their place.
PLEASE DO NOT screw into sidelights themselves
first lay out your pieces on a clean flat floor, then caulk the joints at all of the top pieces
then, starting at the center top screw the pieces together with the 3" screws provided
then screw the outside top pieces

We recommend Clear DAP Dynaflex-230. Since it is water soluble for a short time, make a conscientious effort to use clean damp clothes to wipe off any excess caulking, then clean it again!

if it is a jamb system, we provide a wood sill that should be caulked and screwed onto the bottom of each sidelight
Then, after the jamb is assemble and stood up in the door opening. Then slide the threshold (provided) in place and screw down the threshold with stainless screws (not included). Click Here to view threshold assembly